Find MAC address vendor easily

Format XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX or XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX or XXXX.XXXX.XXXX (case insensitive).
First 6 octets (OUI) are sufficient.

What is a MAC address?

MAC address is an unique identifier assigned to network interface used as a network address in Ethernet and WiFi.

What can we identify from a MAC address?

MAC addresses are assigned to certain manufacturer of network controller (NIC). Thus we can identify vendor of a network equipment, whose MAC address we know.

Why we need to know a vendor?

Sometimes, network admins need to know what kind of equipment they have on network in order to "look around". Knowing the vendor of a MAC address can really help to identify problems.

How accurate are data?

OUI database is updated once weekly directly from IEEE. So it is pretty accurate.

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